Planning for the New Year (pt. 3)

Monday, January 5, 2015

Hey planner addicts, simple life advocates, and newbies! I'm so happy you're here to see what I have planned for you today! As promised, I wanted to finish up the tour of my planner before getting into the good stuff!

Let's get started!

Alright, so I'm hoping these pictures show up just a smidgen better for you all! I retook them in better, natural lighting! Anyways, that picture above is my third divider! It's exactly where we left off, right behind my weekly calendar inserts. If you're a newbie, WELCOME, you can get caught up by checking out the first and second post to this series! This divider marks my lists and notes section.

The first page in this section has all of my New Year's Resolutions, and all of the notes I took while watching Vienna's (My_Planner) interactive goal video

The next thing you'll notice is this page marker that came with the Filofax planner. I covered it with silver sparkly washi tape, and it marks the first open note page that I have. I did this so that when I'm in a hurry or standing in the check out line, I can easily locate and flip right to an open page.

The second page marker I have in this section is a Project Life Divider. This marks the beginning of my lists. 

As you can see my lists are just pieces of paper that I continually add onto. I currently have four running lists in my planner - Home Projects, Wish Lists, Blog Ideas, Ethan (my husband) Gifts.

Now we're moving on my next major divider. This section is my financial section.

In my financial section I have this little envelope that I DIY'd, in which I put important receipts! Then on the right, you'll notice a check book balance. I didn't really feel like my check registry was something you needed to see, which is why I pixelated the amounts. However, most of the time I use this section to check and monitor our account balances weekly just so I have a good idea of what's in our account at all times. 

If you'd like to download this check registry which I edited myself, you can do that HERE.

This is my next divider which marks the beginning of my "health" section.

In this section I have my weekly workout routine, which you can see a blown up copy below, if you're interested. 

This page is marked with a flair button paperclip that I DIY'd! 

Isn't it cute? I really like having these top tabs for quick reference!

Right after my workout schedule, I have my vitamin and supplement list. I keep a running lists of things I'm taking, and things I want to try taking so that when I go to my next Doctor's appointment I don't have to remember everything! After this page, I have a similar list for Symptoms - also for my Dr. appointments!

And here's my last and final divider, marking my puppy's section!

The first thing I have in this section is a small project life card that has Olivia's (my puppy's), routine. If you don't know this already, it is absolutely essential to have a consistent food and potty schedule in order to potty train your dog. 

Next I have an insert I designed myself that is designated to Olivia's vaccinations - which vaccines she needs, when, and if she's received them!

Last in my planner is a top loading envelope in which I keep TONS of stickers and dew drops!

___________________________END OF PLANNER TOUR_______________________________

I hope you've enjoyed this tour throughout my planner! I have one more surprise for you all! 

Since posting pictures on my Instagram of my DIY flair paper clips, I've gotten SO many comments and emails asking for a tutorial! Well here it is!

These are the supplies you'll need in order to make one of these clips! You'll need a hot glue gun, a pair of scissors, a paper clip, a flair, a project life card, and a pencil or pen (not pictured). 

This is just a picture of the flair I chose! I thought it would be PERFECT for my planner!

Your first step in this project is to trace around your flair onto your project life card! (I flipped mine over on the journaling side to see my marks better!) This is also a great time to plug in that hot glue gun so it's nice and warm by the time you're ready to use it!

Here is what it looked like when I was finished! As you can see, it's not a perfect circle, and I'm not a perfectionist! However, this paper clip still turned out great!

Your next step is to just cut the circle out. For a better fit, cut inside of the line. (not on or around it)

You may have to trim your circle down a little bit for a better fit, but I didn't have to do that too much. 

This may be an extra step for some, but I found it easier in the long run! I like to line my paper clip up and hot glue it FIRST to the flair. In doing this first, I can be absolutely positive that the clip is centered and double check I have the two rounded edges pointed down. Also notice that I glued the clip almost directly in the center of the flair. (not on the very edge of the flair) I found it looks nicer, sits lower in my planner, and is also way more sturdier than if I put it higher up. 

Once that glue is cool, I lather the back side with hot glue one more time!

Then I simply place the paper on the back, adjust as needed, and press down. WARNING: If you're like me (an OVER-gluer), hot glue WILL seep out! An easy fix for this is using the edge of your project life card to scrape around the sides. This will not only smooth your edges, but it will also get rid of any excess glue! 

Final product!

Here it is in my planner! I love the look AND functionality of these! They serve as such a great decoration and page marker! 

Now I have one more surprise for you! 

Some of you may be thinking, "where the heck do I get a flair?" Well, I purchased mine from a little etsy shop called:

Every single one of my flairs was purchased from her shop! Her prices are great and she literally has hundreds to chose from! She was also so inspired by this DIY, that she created two entire sets dedicated to the planner lover!

Here is just ONE example of her work! Now, if you're planning to order from her to DIY some paperclips yourself, be sure you specify that you want the FLATBACK flairs in your purchase! 

Oh,and it wouldn't be a good tutorial if I didn't supply you with this:


After Shelley, the own over at "AFlairForButtons" found out I was going to be doing a tutorial and mentioning her flairs, she so kindly offered this coupon code for 10% off your next purchase! 

This offer will last to the END of JANUARY! 

_________________________END OF TUTORIAL_____________________________________

Now that we have all that business taken care of I'm so excited to talk to you about the upcoming series called 

"Whole-Life Simplified"

My collaborators have been working so hard, in the midst of vacations, family crises, and more to get this series to you! I couldn't be more grateful! This Thursday we're going to kick off with Ash, from Blush and Bling, and she's going to be talking about simplifying your wardrobe!

Then get ready for TONS of motivation for all you who made a New Year's Resolution to get healthy. Kelly over at Kelly's Fab Fitness is going to be sharing her story with us and giving us tips and tricks to make health a constant and consistent habit. 

Then, we'll close with a simplified planner post by Janette Lane! All the while I'll be talking about how I'm taking these bloggers tips and tricks and applying them to my own life. 

So excited to start this year with you! 

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I'm hosting a sweepstakes where you can win TONS of planner goodies along with a few flair paper clips! See you there!

Do something to simplify yo' life this week!



  1. Love the top tab, see-through-but-designed page markers. I assume you made those yourself?

    1. Those are project life dividers that I cut down to size and punched! I found them in Michael's last week on clearance!

  2. I need some washi on my Filofax page marker! I only use it for my monthly pages, as I received a Project Life card that says "this is happening" that had to be made for a "today" marker (so the Filofax one saying "today" really doesn't make sense!).
    And thank you so much for showing how to make the button-paperclips! I need me a glue-gun! :D

    1. Sometimes you just gotta get a little crafty! I'm so glad you found some inspiration on my humble little blog! Oh girl, a hot glue is a NECESSITY for any DIY'er :)