Tomorrow's the Day

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Just wanted to leave a brief reminder that tomorrow my husband and I move into our new home! The blog will be slow today and Monday as we try to get settled in!

However, I did want to make you guys aware of an awesome giveaway done by my friend Createyou86! Here's what she has to say about it:

the giftcard includes enough money to be able to create you own Maybook, and shipping within the United States.  When I made my Maybook I had about $6.00 leftover, and you can always add money to your account if needed.    All you need to do is enter below.  Thank you for taking some time out of your day to enter our giveaway.  GOOD LUCK!  This Giveaway is in correlation with Createyou86's First Annual Fan Appreciation Week.  Be sure to check out our 40% OFF Sale on Instagram.  All size Fauxdoris are 40% OFF for the month of November! Have a Planned Day!

Click on the picture to be taken to her blog and learn more about her products! (I will be doing a review and collab with her soon that I'm REALLY excited for!) Please give her the love and support you give me!

On another note, I started reupholstering our headboard! You can see a sneak peak if you follow me on Instagram!


The road to simple living is getting closer and closer!


Monday, November 17, 2014



I'm sorry, I just couldn't keep it in! I'm so excited! This week has been super busy so I'm really sorry I didn't get Thursday's blog post up. My head is spinning with crafts and tasks to get to done so that we can move in!

But first I want to let you in on another big thing that is going on in my life. For those of you who don't know I graduated from a small Christian college with a degree in Youth Ministry. I'll be honest with you, I really thought I'd find plenty of jobs pertaining to that degree. However, as most of you probably can guess, it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. So, in my desperation I decided to get a part time position in our local school system as a teacher's aid. I fell in love with it. I absolutely, positively, LOVE my job. I feel so blessed that at 21 I can say that!

BECAUSE I love my job so stinking much, I have decided to go back to school to pursue a teaching career. It'll be an 8 month program that builds off of my previous degree and sets me up to get my teaching license. Well, in order to get into this program I had to take a few tests, other wise known as the CASA for Educators Test. I was so stinking nervous for this thing, I can't even begin to tell you! I was mainly concerned about the math portion - I realize that I'm still young and that many people go back to school way later in life - however, I haven't had math since I was a Freshman in High School. I tested out of the rest of my math classes because I took Honors Math throughout my Middle School years. Luckily, my job allows me to tutor and work with students who have math homework so I had a lot of refresher time.

I took this test on Saturday (yet another reason my post on Thursday just didn't happen!). And after 3.5 grueling hours, I finished it. And there on the screen read these words:

Unofficial Test Scores:

Reading: PASS
Math: PASS
Writing: TBA

I was super excited about my passing scores, but also really anxious about that TBA. So I asked the instructor what it meant. "Since you had to write an essay, someone has to personally grade that so the computer can't give you an unofficial score." PRAISE THE LORT, HALLELUJER! (for those of you who haven't seen Madea I invite you to go watch this video).

The anxiety of taking that test has finally lifted and I couldn't be more excited to continue this path towards a career in Elementary Education.


I realize that most of my readers come here to learn about my journey into our small home and towards simple living! Therefore, I want to tell you all what I've been up to lately with that in mind!

First of all, we heard the news of our closing date on Friday, and you wouldn't believe the happy dance we did! Then, almost instantaneously, my planning senses began to tingle. We aren't even CLOSE to ready. I mean, don't get me wrong, we've been purging a lot, and doing our very best to downsize, but with our closing date nearing quickly, it's like a match was lit underneath of us! So with the help of Createyou86   and their Fauxdori, I began creating a house project planner! Now, I am planning on writing an entire blog post with a complete run down of everything in it. But I thought I'd just give you a little taste of what's in there by showing you what's currently on our to-do list!

  • Get Boxes
  • Change Mailing Address
  • Select & Buy Paint for Bedroom and Laundry Room
  • Purchase Washer and Dryer
  • Find New Bed Frame
  • Donate China
  • Find New Bedding
  • Work on DIY Gallery Wall
  • Purge Kitchen
  • Purge Books
  • Make Wreath
  • Purge Bathroom
  • Laundry - Wash All Clothes Before Move
  • Donate/Toss Furniture
  • Figure Out Room Layouts
  • Pack Essential Box
  • Go Through Clothes - Purge/Donate

And there you have it, our running to do list with some things actually completed! We actually just purchased our paint this weekend at Lowes! Oh, you want to see the color we chose?

Pair this with our new gray duvet that we got from Target, and it looks so crisp. See below!

We also got some gray fabric so that I can reupholster our tufted headboard! (Would you like a post on this? Comment and let me know!) I also managed to complete my very first Christmas wreath! Yes, yes, yes, I know what you're going to say. "It's not even Thanksgiving!" to which I will reply, "When we get settled in, Thanksgiving will have passed and I couldn't resist all of the super cute, CHEAP, wreath supplies at Walmart!" This thing cost me around $15 to make! What do you think?

Lastly, we did go looking for a washer and dryer - But I just can't make the plunge.

As weird as it sounds, I want each room to be cohesive. And I can't really imagine having bright red appliances in a mint laundry room. So I'm stuck between the the gray or white, and am leaning more towards the gray! Let me know which one you'd choose in the comments! We like the front loading ones because they have the option to be stack-able if need be!

As you can see we are slowly getting things checked off of our list and are finally able to move into our home! I'm so excited and simply cannot wait! I'd love to hear any of your input in the comments! Be sure to leave feedback on whether or not you'd like a post about reupholstering the headboard and which washer/dryer set you'd chose to go with our wall color!

Living simpler every day,

The Ripple Effect

Monday, November 10, 2014

Have you ever heard of the term, "No one can serve two masters"? Recently, I've been noticing that despite my efforts, I still serve money. I am a slave to chasing after money. Yes, you heard me, I, Mrs. Toss It, am still too obsessed with money.

Every single one of my actions is generally connected to money.

Well, I mean most decisions are based on monetary loss or gain. To go out or not too? What is there to do tonight? Can we really afford a new lamp? Can I recreate that for cheaper? What's the cheapest can of corn? Even in my frugality, I still serve money.

I was hit with this cold hard reality when I was invited to play Bingo with a few of my good friends. The first question to come out of my mouth was, "How much is it?" When faced with the reply "$30", I instantly dismissed the possibility of my going. Number one, because I could play Bingo for free at home, and number two $30 seemed kind of expensive! So I missed out on relationships because of my unwillingness to cough up the cash.

My final slap in the face was when I attempted to get rid of my desk and wall organizer. I put them on a local buy and sell facebook page hoping to just get rid of them! I don't know if it was because I was extremely attached to them, or I'm a slave to money, but I ended up listing them pretty expensively. I also got pretty upset when no buyer came. Well, when I lowered the price to something much more reasonable, I got a lady interested in my desk - we agreed on the price of $75.

When the weekend came for her to come and pick it up, I received this message, "Hi Aubrey, I'm sorry to tell you this but my husband's check wasn't as great as we were expecting so I'm going to have to pass on the desk. If you have another buyer interested you can pass it on, if not we are still very interested and are hoping to be able to purchase next pay period."

What was I to do?

As a young Christian woman, I got that feeling. Some may call it their gut, or their subconscious, but I call it God.

"This isn't yours to sell."

Now, I know that some of my readers may find this difficult to understand. But I really want to share this story with you, and I will do my best to explain it in a non-preachy way. However, recently I've been faced with the idea that when I die, I can't take anything with me. And even more-so, I consider all my of possessions to be gifts from God, rather than things of my own possession. Therefore, none of "my" things are truly mine, but God's.

So you could imagine my anxiety when that gut wrenching voice spoke to me.

"This isn't yours to sell."

Am I a giver or am I a keeper? Am I able to give without debating the ripple effect it will have on my future? Can I give without determining the sacrifice I will have to make as result? Or do I keep to myself? Do I hoard my gifts, my resources, my materials, my things, my money from the world?

Simple living, (to me) is about having more time for people, rather than more room and money for stuff. Simple living, (to me) is about humanity. It's about having a more abundant life, with richer relationships, wealthier hobbies, prosperous ministries, and upscale dreams. It's giving, rather than keeping all that rich, abundant, wealth to myself. It's sharing life with people. 

So I replied - "I totally understand and appreciate your honestly. So I hope you'll be okay with mine: This desk means so much to me. It was the first project my husband and I have ever took on and it has been a huge blessing to me. Therefore, I hope it can be a blessing to you. Please let me know when you are available to stop by and pick it up for free. I want you to have it because I know it will go to a good home. If I can get rid of it in a positive way, and know that someone will love it as much as I do, then that is all I can truly ask for."

I want to be a giver. 

And would you imagine the ripple effect it had?

pay it forward quotes | pay it forward today

The next day, after receiving my message, this lady created a post with this image and text saying

"This quote is very true as a new friend is beyond kind with her giving today! I had been looking on Pinterest on 24 days of random act of kindness to do with the kids in December. But now because of a random act of kindness from Aubrey, we will begin tomorrow and carry it on until Christmas!!! By then it should become a daily habit to continue everyday!!! My birthday wish for this weekend is for my Facebook friends to also begin doing a random act of kindness everyday!!!! Thank you"

I think this would be a great time to mention that the day the lady came to pick up the desk was her birthday! However, if that wasn't enough of a reaction for you, she replied to my message saying,

"Oh my goodness that is so amazing of you!!! If you are sure you want to let it go for free we could pick it up anytime Sunday  if that would work for you. What an amazing blessing you are giving to us, THANK YOU!! If you decide you would rather try to get money out of it I would completely understand!"
Needless to say, when she arrived, I felt like I had known her all my life. She ended up leaving with not only my desk but my wall organizer too. Not an ounce of anxiety or regret slipped into my stomach as they drove away. And I realized that I was blessed, and because I was blessed, I could also bless others. The painstaking reality of it all is that giving feels better than keeping something to yourself. Blessing others, helping them, making them feel good, lifting them up, are the most beautiful qualities of our humanity. If we cling to our possessions, to our wealth, to whatever gifts we have been given, we lose the ability to serve our fellow people.

And in that realization comes an even greater one - the ripple effect of our sacrifices are only negative when we look within ourselves. They become far greater when we notice the rise and fall of the ever growing rings in the lives of others.

Lets turn away from our lives and share it with others.

Live simply today.

With love,


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hello everyone! I'm so happy to see you back and reading my blog! Can I just take this moment to tell you that I am so appreciative of you coming back to check in on me from time to time? I am so blessed.


My husband and I are getting really close to being able to close on our new home. If you haven't seen the tour of it you can view that here. The closer we are to being able to move in, the more I am turning to pinterest for some inspiration in home decor. So, I thought I'd dedicate this post to show you my personal style, and for you to get to know me more. All links to where I found these images will be underneath each individual photo! I'd love to hear your opinions/suggestions.

The first rooms I really want to tackle are our living room and bedroom. Here's my inspiration for the living room:
Love this rug so much!
I like the Navy and the Buttery Yellow together :)
I'm not planning on painting the kitchen nor the living room. I think the color works really well for those areas and keeps our small space open and light. So, I decided to play off of our beautiful lake view and add elements and coloring from it into our home. The colors I want to use are navy and yellow! I thought our trunk would act as the perfect color pop in our living room. Remember, we're planning on getting some Plexiglass to turn it into a coffee table. I'm currently begging my father, who is a watercolorist, to make me some awesome stormy lake scenes to pull in the deep sage of our home and the navy blues and grays I'm planning to use as accent colors. My plan is to use that, a few pieces of my own art, and pictures from the wedding as a gallery wall. (Keep coming back, because I am planning on having an entire post about the the final product!) My husband has been slowly letting me purchase things for our home. In addition to a few supplies for our gallery wall that I've been working on, I've also bought a few rugs to go into the bathroom. Here's a look at them:

This rug is very similar to the rug I purchased from Kohls, but mine was WAY cheaper - they didn't have an image of mine on their website. This one was the closest I could get. So there's a little look at my inspiration for our Kitchen, Bathroom, and Living Room. Next, here are the ideas I pulled for our bedroom.

Good balance... maybe for a bedroom

for my bedroom next year, it's painted mint green. good colors to go with it, (pink or blush, warm whites or cream, taupe, french gray, metallic gold, dark brown, black.) (AVOID: true white, blue, purple, green, metallic silver)
mini chandeliers and chairs as nightstands

I am obsessed with the idea of having mini chandeliers as our bedside lamps. I'm hoping that having them hanging will free up more visual space for night stands and our posessions - like our devotions, Bibles, books, and water! So that's a little bit of my vision for our home. Here are the two things I've decided on so far. 

Our bedroom wall color -

And lastly, our bedspread!

Threshold™ Chevron Herringbone Duvet Set

That's as far as I've gotten so far! Check back on Monday to see what else I've come up with! Thanks for stopping by! 

Purging: Home Office V.2

Monday, November 3, 2014

Welcome back everyone! I'm so thankful you are taking the time to follow me on my journey to a simpler, less cluttered, and minimal life. This post is all about me purging my office space - and for those of you who know me, my planner and organizational obsessions, this is kind of a big deal. I'm going to be honest with you - IT HURTS.

Throwing away things that you've made, worked hard to accomplish, or even like, is hard. I feel like so many blogs that talk about decluttering/purging make tossing our belongings out to be a breeze. I'm here to tell you it sucks. We aren't wired to have the bare minimum are we? We aren't wired to want just what we need. No, we're told from a very early age to get as much as you can and to fight for it. Therefore, purging and getting rid of your things is no trip to the cupcake store. It's hard. It may make you want to cry. Case in point - my much loved wall organizer.


All on my own - no help from the hubby, no YouTube advice. No this was the very first project I dreamed up on my own and created. Let me tell you more about it. This command center is made from old fencing I found in my back yard. It has a lace ribbon memo catcher, a lace covered bulletin board, a mint file holder, a dry erase board made from mint paint chips, a burlap and lace mail catcher, a chevron stamp holder, and two mason jar pen and utensil holders. It's everything I love - lace, burlap, mint, and mason jars all rolled into an organizing system that I actually used! Well, due to limited wall space, and just not enough room, it gets cut. 

I've been thinking about this day for a very long time. I knew it would come eventually, so I've been hunting for ways to keep all my home files organized without much space. I didn't find anything that would work for us. Nothing that didn't take an entire wall or room of its own, which was the whole reason we decided to get rid of that beauty above. So I put it off, and put it off, and put it off until one day an idea surfaced. I wasn't sure if it would work, but I thought I could give it a try. 

I bought this trunk a few months before my husband and I got married for $35. I used it as my dream box where I'd store all of the things I wanted in our future house. Well, wouldn't you have it that most of the things I kept in there were more wedding centered than future centered. Needless to say, this trunk has been kept at the foot of our bed and has been used to store all of our extra blankets! Well, after some blanket purging, we created room in this little trunk, and my idea surfaced:

"What if I put our filing system in this trunk? We could hide it, I'd still have room for a few blankets, and we could even put some plexiglass on top and use as our coffee table."

But could we do it? Well we set out too. The first thing we did was go out and by one of those hanging file systems that you install in drawers. We found ours at Office Max - a two pack - for $13.00. We were going to get our hanging files there, but they seemed a bit expensive to me. Luckily, Target is right next door and we got a pack of 25, in a chic army green color, for less than $5.

Now that we had the supplies it was time for me to create our filing system. 

Having gone through the experience of purchasing our first home, I am proud of all the things I did have organized, but learned a few areas that I could improve on. Our old filing system was small, see that small file box above? I wanted something that was a little more extensive and better organized. So I started of re-organizing all my files and papers. Here are the categories and sub categories I came up with -

  • Finances
    • Paystubs
    • Banking Account/Information
  • Automobile
    • Insurance
    • Maintenance
    • BMV
  • Taxes
    • 2012
    • 2013
    • 2014
  • Oliver (our furbaby)
  • Debt
    • Hubby's student loans
    • My student loans
    • car loans
    • house loans
  • House
    • Maintenance
    • Home Insurance
    • Purchase Information
  • Medical
    • Hubby
    • Mine
    • Insurance
  • Vitals 
    • Marriage license
    • Passports
    • etc.
  • Office Supplies
    • Envelopes
    • Printer paper

YIKES - I know, pretty extensive, but now I can easily find what I need. Okay, so I had all my categories ready for each file. Next, I took my washi tape and prettied up my folders. I used silver sparkly washi for my head categories, and gray chevron tape on my subcategories. Here's how they turned out:

Pretty cute! It also helped to tie all my mismatching folders together - I had collected so many different one's from the amazing Target Dollar Spot over the years that they made my filing system seem a little less organized. Alright, so I had my frame set up in the middle of the living room and all my files hanging on it. How do I get it in the trunk?

At first I thought I could just set it in there. That could work for some people, but I'm a little bit picky. See, my trunk is kind of deep. Therefore, having my filing system resting on the bottom would mean that I would have to lean over and into the trunk every time I need to file away or remove something. No, it needed to sit up higher. I tried everything! I tried stacking things underneath it, but then the files wouldn't hang properly. So, I put my thinking cap on and recruited the hubby.

We decided to put screws into the trunk so that the frame could hang, or rest on the screws. We ended up putting four screws into the trunk, two on each side. 

Here, you can kind of see one of the screws into the trunk as my wonderful hubby is drilling in the other. Lastly, the hubby hit the screws so that they would angle upwards to create an easier and more secure surface for the the frame to rest. (See below)

I hope you can see how the screw has a slight angle upwards. Lastly, we just sat the frame onto the screw to check for stability! It looked great and is surprisingly very secure! I've included a few pictures of the final project below!

Having a better organized system, more cohesive files, and our important documents tucked away has helped me to feel a little bit better about getting rid of my command center. It's not easy, but I know this will work out really well for us. Below, I've stacked some more office supplies, and I still have room on the left side for our extra blankets. Our final step will be putting the plexiglass on top! 

Selecting pieces that have both storage and functionality are really going to be key in our downsizing. Secondly, keeping in mind the functionality of your home will be really helpful. Get creative with the spaces you need, and honest about how much space needs to be dedicated to that need. I'm really happy that I get to use my dream box in our new home. Sad to see my command center go, but happy of everything I get in return.

Happy organizing!