Makin' A List, and Checking It Twice!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Welcome back to 528 Square Feet! Can I just take this moment to tell you how much I love your feedback, shares, and comments? Hash-Tag, BLESSED!

This series has been dedicated to talking about the good ole Holidays! Oh the chaos! Holidays are such a wonderful, yet awful time. The time spent with family is truly amazing, yet the time spent preparing for family....not so amazing.

Therefore, Emily and I have decided to do this 3 week series about simplifying your holidays, and making them a time that you can fully enjoy! Can you believe we only have 15 days until Christmas? YIKES! If you're anything like me you've already created your lists, finalized them, and have just about everyone bought for except.....that person.

You all know what I'm talking about. That person that absolutely NO one - not their mother, spouse, or best friend - knows what to get them. What do you do for them? 

Well I just so happen to be blessed with three of those people in my life. And here's how I tackled all three of them. I made another list...well chart actually! It's nothing fancy, just something that helped me to visualize and see everything at once!

Name:Spark Questions:Answer:Idea:
1. Recent Achievement/Accomplishments?Soon College Grad
Movie Candy Box and tickets to most Recent Lord of the Rings Movie!
2.) Known Interests?Neveron, Video Games, Movies
3.) Obsessions?Game of Thrones, Lord of Rings
4.) Known Needs?none
5.) Inside Jokes?none
1. Recent Achievement/Accomplishments?Pastor, Very Busy!
A Nice Bottle of Wine and Glass
2.) Known Interests?Tennis, Sports, C.S Lewis
3.) Obsessions?Sleep, Bible Study, Car, Wine
4.) Known Needs?None
5.) Inside Jokes?cheesy jokes
1. Recent Achievement/Accomplishments?New Job!
Good Switch Blade, and Tackle Gift Card
2.) Known Interests?Art, Fishing, Photography
3.) Obsessions?Paranormal TV, Fishing
4.) Known Needs?Job Tools, Art Inspiration
5.) Inside Jokes?Too many! 

As you can see this chart has really helped me think of gifts that are customized for each person! If you want to create your own chart here are the "Spark" questions I have!

  • Recent Achievement and or Accomplishment?
  • What are their known interests?
  • What are their known obsessions?
  • Have they expressed anything they need around you?
  • Do you have any inside jokes with them?
I'm sure you can come up with many, many, many more, but just remember: the purpose of this chart is to simplify your gift giving (not make a huge large FBI analysis of each person that takes you at least 5 hours to create!) If you'd like to use the chart that I made, you can download or use it HERE. I hope this list making tool proves to be beneficial to you! I've also scoured the internet for cute list making printables! I thought I'd do the work for you guys! <3 Each photo is a clickable link to the associated site! Happy Listing!

Christmas Shopping ListUse this printable Wish List to keep track of items throughout the year. It's an easy-to-reference tool that will help you remember what you need {or want!}printable christmas gift list          Making A List: Christmas Gift Record Printable - A Pair of Pears
DFP Free Christmas Gift List Planner

Okay, those are some of my favorites! I also happen to know that Miss Emily has a Christmas List printable on its way too so keeping checking in on her blog for it! It's super cute and very Christmas-y! 

Next week we'll be talking about "Great Gift Giving" and my ideas for different people in your life!

Make those holidays simple,

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