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Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Monday everyone! It seems like forever since I've made a post and for that I'm sorry! Moving into our home was and still is a blast! Planning where everything goes, decorating, and organizing are so much fun when it's your home to keep!

So where I have been? Well first and foremost I moved last week! But then Thanksgiving came up on us in a hurry! And since Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful and thankful, I really decided to put this principle into practice. Therefore, I took this opportunity to truly invest in my relationships with friends and family. My Thanksgiving transformed into a holiday where I truly connected with my family and friends and for that I am even more thankfull!


Now that I've gotten all my excuses out of the way, let me tell you about a new FRIEND I made! Her name is Emily, and she's the writer over at Createyou86! She's seriously so awesome and has her own planner shop! I wrote a review for her fauxdori HERE. Anyways, we have decided to collaborate on this wonderful holiday season! For the next month our blogs will be dedicated to simplifying the holidays! We'll be creating tools, showing you tips and tricks, and hopefully helping you make the Christmas season a little more simple. Therefore, keep checking in our blogs to see what we've come up with because we have so much fun in the making!


Pause. Halt. Stop. Freeze. 

The Christmas Season is notorious for chaos. I mean if I can look back on all 21 Christmases I've experienced this far, I'm pretty sure that the word chaos would fit most of those. I mean if we're completely honest, the season basically begins on the most chaotic day of the year.


I try not to go out on this day because people have literally been trampled in their attempt to purchase a new coffee maker. However, I did somehow manage to need toilet paper and a few command strips for the house and found myself endlessly wandering around Wal-Mart on this crazy day! Now I know that a lot of my readers do go out on Black Friday, to which I reply, "more power to you!" But as I shuffled and dodged my way down the hardware department, I couldn't help but think I needed shoulder pads and football helmet to survive! So, if we can survive Black Friday, we still have to manage all of our schedules at the same time!

If your Christmas is anything like mine it goes a little like this:

We need to be at Aunt Marthas house at 10, Grandma Doris' house at noon, and our own Christmas at 7:00. Oh and don't even get me started on all of the ugly sweater, Christmas Pageant, buffet dinner, parties you go to the whole month of December!

All on top of the juggling who gets what, where you can get it, and how much it costs! Yeah, I think we've established its pretty chaotic.

It's so chaotic, we miss the point. 

So in my efforts to try and take a little of that chaos out of my life, I created this gift printable, which you can download for free - HERE. It's simple, concise, and cute. It's also in letter formatting, so that you can resize to any Filofax, Fauxdori, or any other planner you may already have! I love this printable because it allows me to get back to what I believe Christmas to be all about. (More on that later!)

For now, I invite you to sit back, relax, plan your gifts, get them written down on paper, and breath. Chaos can steal the joy of Christmas. Simplify your life, and experience this beautiful holiday in an entirely different way!

Keep checking in on our blogs for more freebies, DIYS, and tips and tricks! Oh and be sure to tell me all about your crazy Black Friday shopping in the comments!

Aubrey & Emily

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